Spiced Citrus Summer Soup

Spiced Citrus Summer Soup

Spiced Citrus Summer Soup

Serves 4-5

Ingredient Measurement
Extra virgin rapeseed oil 2 tbsp 
Large Spanish Onions  2 sliced
Carrots 450g
Garam Masala  1 tbsp
Fresh ginger 1 tbsp grated
Large oranges juice of 1
Vegetable stock 1 litre
Coconut milk 200ml
Mexican style mixed bean salad 410g
Fresh coriander 1 tbsp chopped
Tortilla wraps 10 inch 2



1. Sauté the onions in the oil for 5 minutes until soft, add the ginger and Garam masala and cook for a further minute to release the spices.

2. Add the beans, carrots, stock and orange juice the cook for 15 minutes until the beans and carrots are soft.

3. Add the coconut milk and simmer for a further 10 minutes.

4. Once cooked blitz the soup until smooth and add the coriander.

5. Serve with toasted tortilla wraps.