Salmon and Vegetable Rice Salad 2

Salmon and Vegetable Rice Salad

Salmon and Vegetable Rice Salad

Serves 4-5

Ingredient Measurement
Green peppers 160g
Red chillies 10g
Spring onions 100g
Ground corriander 24g
Dried basil 24g
Whole grain rice 320g
Peas 150g
Sweetcorn 150g
Salmon fillet 450g
Lime juice 20ml



1. Dice with the pepper, red chilli and spring onion. Roughly chop the herbs.

2. Bring a pan of water to the boil and add the rice. Simmer for 8 mins then add the peas and sweetcorn and simmer for a further 4 mins.

3. Drain the rice, peas and sweetcorn and rinse under cold water. Leave to one side to cool.

4. Meanwhile steam or bake the salmon.

5. When cooled, place the rice, peas and sweetcorn into a bowl. Flake in the salmon and add all of the other diced ingredients, including the juice of the lime.

Serving suggestions:

Serving to infants 7-9 months. Blend or mash the cooked rice salad until it is smooth with soft lumps.

Serving to infants 10-12 months. Chop or mince the cooked rice salad to the desired consistency.