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Wedding fever at Cedar Park Day Nursery

Having received their invitations and found an outfit, children from Cedar Park Day Nursery in Twyford were delighted to attend the wedding celebration of the year.

After one child attended a family wedding, classmates from the Butterfly Room at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Day Nursery in Bridge Farm Road developed a keen interest in the topic, which led them to plan their very own ceremony.

After discussing the feelings and emotions associated with love and marriage and ceremonies in different cultures, the children experienced their very own ‘big day’, complete with bride and groom, wedding cake and flower bouquets.

Cedar Park Day Nursery Manager, Emma Kemp explained;

“The children have been fascinated with the topic of marriage so it’s been great to pursue this interest further. Not only do these experiences provide a wider understanding of the world, but allow for endless opportunities to be creative.”


Children enjoying the celebrations at the 'top table'