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The Nurture of Nature - A Quacking Role Model

Nurturing children is at the core of the Childbase approach and our fantastic teams of caring staff ensure that it stays at the centre of everything we do. From their earliest weeks to the time that our children fly the nest and start school, we take time to make sure each child is given the love and care that contributes to them growing up happy and well balanced.

 In turn we teach our children to be nurturers themselves and to develop the social and emotional skills that will carry them through life. A well recognised way of bringing out this nurturing instinct is by encouraging children to look after animals and this has long been a practice in many childcare and school settings. So, as you can imagine, we were delighted to hear from one of our nurseries about their new addition- Peter the Duck. Having just hatched and a relative novice to the world of childcare, Peter seems to have settled in well to his new role at Woodcote as Chief Duck! Peter, who is now just a few weeks old, was born at 8.30am in amongst the hustle and bustle of drop off time and hasn't stopped quacking since. The children adore Peter and are already getting to know his routine. Our quacking friend has also made it his business to try and encourage the other eggs to hatch by walking over the shells and quacking as loud as he can. Along with the children, Peter can't wait to meet his feathered friends and welcome an even bigger duck brood to the nursery. The animal antics going on at Woodcote are not unusual and we are pleased that many of our nurseries have their own pets. Our children take great care to look after animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits and take responsibility for feeding them and in some cases looking after them at home. This nurturing role is a fantastic way to help develop the caring side to a child's personality and teaches them how to behave responsibly. Along with our own animals, we also encourage our nurseries to take trips to the zoo, pet shops and invite companies such as Zoo Lab to visit the children. With many days and weeks themed around animals, our children are developing their knowledge and learning about the ways in which different creatures live and inhabit the world we live in. So, we wish Peter lots of luck in his new post at Woodcote and hope there will be many more updates on his progress as Chief Duck and what he has been getting up to with the children at his nursery. Welcome to Childbase Peter!