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Keeping Mums and Dads in the Know.

A parent focused approach at nursery.

Within any childcare setting it is vital to create and maintain a good relationship between parent and practitioner. At Childbase we encourage an open dialogue between parents and staff to ensure continuity of care and by establishing strong links between our nurseries and parents we can help to make sure that every child's individual learning and development goals are supported at nursery as well as at home. In addition to the day-to -day discussions that parents and our staff have, we also offer regular parent evenings, stay and play days and parental questionnaires to ensure that we are continually giving parents an opportunity to be involved with their child's nursery experience.

Our latest parent focused initiative is the introduction of Parent Evening Classes which are designed to cover topics which have been raised by mums and dads as important issues when it comes to bringing up their children. Using the expertise of our highly qualified staff, many of whom have been working in childcare for a number of years, the Parent Evening Classes will be an a great way for parents to get some free advice and have a general discussion around each topic.

Parents who attended the First Aid classes held throughout January gave very positive feedback about the training they received and indicated that they would like to attend similar classes on different topics. We took this on board and decided to ask parents via a postcard questionnaire what topics they would like to see covered in our suggested Parent Evening Classes. The topics that proved most popular and that will be delivered across our nurseries in the coming months include 'Managing my Child's Behaviour', 'Learning to Read and Write' and 'Maths is Everywhere'. It is hoped that each class will enable parents to gain a greater understanding of the topic and make use of all the expertise and knowledge that can be offered by our staff on the chosen subjects. It will also be a good opportunity for parents to share experiences with one another and to find out what has worked, as well as what hasn't, with each other's children.

As well as Parent Evening Classes we have also been offering handy hints and tips to parents via a range of postcards. The postcards have been designed to give some top tips on dealing with issues such as potty training and behaviour management as well as some quick and easy recipe ideas for busy mums and dads. The postcards have been positively received by hundreds of our parents and we hope that the Parent Evening Classes will be a useful extension of this idea. If you would like to find out more about which Parent Evening Classes your child's nursery is going to be organising, please contact the nursery manager who will be able to advise you on topics and dates. We look forward to seeing lots of parents at the evening classes and would welcome feedback on the events and what topics you would like to see covered n the future.