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Devonshire Day Nursery rated one of the best in the country – AGAIN

Everyone is celebrating at Devonshire Day Nursery in Chiswick following another Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ rating in which staff were praised for “excellent teaching” and ensuring “children flourish and feel special and unique”.

With a second glowing inspection report from Ofsted in four years, the day nursery in Bennett Street, keeps its place at the top of national league tables despite a tougher inspection process and enhanced Early Years Framework introduced last year.

Only 4 per cent of settings inspected since the introduction have achieved the top rating, against the previously reported 20% before it.

Devonshire Manager, Emmy Avery, who was praised for excellent support of her team with training opportunities and wellbeing initiatives, said:

“We couldn’t be more proud or delighted but the real satisfaction comes from knowing that our children really do thrive and make exceptional progress. As before, our Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ rating is an incentive to be even better,” she said thanking her team for their dedication and parents for their unfailing support.

In her report, the inspector rated every area of the provision as Outstanding including the communication and language skills achieved by the children who, she noted, were self-assured and demonstrated excellent attitudes to learning. Children's behaviour was described as exemplary.  

"Staff, who know their children remarkably well, plan and provide memorable experiences that enthuse children to learn. They gain regular information from parents about what their children know, can do and need to learn next and use this information, alongside their ongoing observations of children, to meet each child's individual needs and interests superbly.”

The inspector also noted that children make excellent healthy choices from the range of food available at Devonshire Day Nursery which holds coveted Healthy Early Years London Bronze and ‘Food for Life Served Here’ Awards for its environmentally sustainable and ethically produced home-cooked meals, and activities designed to ensure children have an informed and positive relationship with food throughout their lives.

“We are committed to giving children the best possible start in life and a smooth and confident transition to mainstream schooling and life-long learning, so absolutely nothing is left to chance”, said Emmy.