Your Childs Learning Journey

Your Child's Learning Journey

Your child's learning and development is monitored and supported throughout every stage of nursery life.

Childbase use Connect Childcare online learning journeys. The iConnect learning journey software enables practitioners to make curriculum based observations at the touch of a button, thereby removing the need for separate administrative time away from the children, and results in a more cohesive and comprehensive learning journey report to aid future educators in school.

The ParentZone app provides our busy parents with access to their child’s learning journey at times convenient to them, and enables the upload of photographs, videos and written observations of activities and interests outside nursery.

As your child’s primary educator, we want you to be a confident user and contributor and therefore, take this opportunity to reassure you that data storage, on UK based servers, is certified to the highest international standards with twice the level of safeguards demanded in, for example, internet banking.

Equally, ParentZone is designed to enhance rather than replace daily interactions between the staff team and parents; it does not replace parent evenings or key person meetings and is not a vehicle for discussing booking arrangements or notification of changes to, for example, sleep routines and medical or dietary requirements, where the usual forms of contact still apply.

Please speak to your nursery management team for more information or to request your unique user ID and access.

Introduction to ParentZone and iConnect

Guide to ParentZone